Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bananarama - Remastered

My 2nd favorite Bananarama album, more serious than the first album, but with carefree singalong melodies covering the dark lyrics about rape (Robert De Niro's Waiting) and drug abuse (Hotline To Heaven)

Also included in the folder is the original version of the album (@256kbs) , one of my first ever CD's if I recall.

Bonus Extra' s Click the covers!

Rough Justice (12" Extended Dance Version) 5:20

Robert De Niro's Waiting (Extended Version)

Bustin' Loose!
Cruel Summer
Cruel Summer (Extended)
Summer Dub
Cruel Summer (Digital Mix)

State I'm In is the B-Side to "Hotline To Heaven". Oddly it recieved a extended version and a (Truly Awful) video so maybe it was planned as a future single?
  1. State I'm In
  2. State I'm In (Extended Version)

The Greatest Hits Collection

This is the re-release of the original Greatest Hits Collection from 1988. I bought the original on the day it came out and it was one of my first CD's ever bought. A few months later after the release of Nathan Jones and Help! the album was re-packaged to include Nathan Jones (Single Mix) and Help! I upgraded and gave the other CD away (D'oh) as I didn't like the mix of Nathan Jones compared to the Single Mix at the time. 320kbs!
I Heard A Rumour
Love In The First Degree
I Can't Help It
I Want You Back (Single Mix)
Love, Truth & Honesty
Nathan Jones (Single Mix)
Help! (Featuring Lananeeneenoonoo)
Really Saying Something
Shy Boy
Robert De Niro's Waiting
Cruel Summer
It Ain't What You Do
Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
Rough Justice (Single Mix)
A Trick Of The Night (Tricky Edit)
Aie A Mwanna
Venus (12" Hellfire Mix)
Love In The First Degree (Eurobeat Style)

I Can't Help It (UK CDS)

320 kbs

1. I Can't Help It - Extended Club Mix
2. Ecstacy - Chicago House Stylee
3. Mr Sleaze - Rare Groove Remix

Cruel Summer '89

I sold this CD a few years ago now, but whilst tidying my CD's out I had made a copy of it in 320kbs, which is unusual for me :)

1 Cruel Summer '89 (Swing Beat Version)
2 Venus (The Greatest Remix)
3 I Heard A Rumour (Corporation Of Bananarama Mix)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Movin' On (UK CD Single)


1. Movin' On (7-inch a)
2. Movin' On (Bumpin' Mix)
3. Treat Me Right
4. Movin' On (The Spag-A-Nana Dub)

Monday, 2 March 2009

Long Train Running Cd Single


1. Long Train Running (7 Inch Version) (3:30)
2. Long Train Running (Alma De Noche Mix) (6:40)
3. Long Train Running (Flamenco CD Mix) (4:57)
4. Outta Sight (4:30)

I put these in a rar file but can upload seperates if anyone wants them that way.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Only Your Love

  1. Only Your Love (Album Version)
  2. Only Your Love (7inch)
  3. Only Your Love (Hardcore Instrumental)
  4. Only Your Love (Milky Bar Mix)
  5. Only Your Love (Youth & Thrash On The Mix / Love Mix)
  6. Only Your Love (Youth & Thrash On The Mix - edit)
  7. Only Your Love (Monkey Drum Mooch)
  8. Only Your Love (A Tribute To Barry Mooncult)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Preacher Man

"Preacher Man" (Album Version)
"Preacher Man" (Ramabanana Alternative Mix)
"Preacher Man" (Shep's Club Mix)
"Preacher Man" (Shep's Dub Mix)
"Preacher Man" (Bonus Beats)
"Preacher Man" (Shep's Instrumental)

The other mixes can be found on the Pop Life Album already posted

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Aie A Mwana

  1. Aie A Mwana (Original 7" Version)
  2. Aie A Mwana (Extended Version)

Dubwana needed

Cheers Then (Extended Version)

  1. Cheers Then (Extended)

Thanks to Pop Gems

Monday, 2 February 2009

WOW! (Australian Edition)

Click 320kbs

Rare Australian version featuring the Original Versions of "Strike It Rich" & "Some Girls" that where not included on the original UK realse or the recent remaster version.

This version also includes the Bananarama Megamix that came with the UK Gatefold sleeve album and on the 10" single for "I Want You Back".

Oddly this version includes the single version of "I Want Yo Back" and not the original album version.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Classic 12" Collection

This rare bonus remix disc was issued in 1993 with some copies of the album "Please Yourself" Some of the mixes are still unreleased on any other CD.

1. Venus (Hellfire Mix)
2. I Want You Back (Extended European Mix)
3. Love In The First Degree (Jailers Mix)
4. Cruel Summer '89 (Swing Beat Dub)
5. Really Saying Something (12" Remix)
6. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (12" Remix)

Megarama '89

1. Megarama '89 (Edit) (3:52)
2. Megarama '89 (Full Length Version) (8:40)
3. Venus (The Greatest Remix Edit) (3:40)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

True Confessions (Remastered)


True Confessions is the third album by the British girl group Bananarama. Released in 1986, the album was not a commercial success in the UK, but achieved their biggest sales and chart success in the U.S., where the first single "Venus" hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 (an achievement they never obtained in their home country).

A majority of the album is produced by Tony Swain and Steve Jolley (who produced their second album). With the exception of "Venus" and "More Than Physical" (later given a garage music remix for its single version), which began Bananarama's association with the Stock, Aitken & Waterman songwriting and production team, much of the album has adult contemporary leanings

1. True Confessions
2. Ready Or Not
3. A Trick Of The Night
4. Dance With A Stranger
5. A Perfect World
6. Venus
7. Do Not Disturb
8. Cut Above The Rest
9. Promised Land
10. More Than Physical
11. Hooked On Love
12. Ghost - Bonus Track
13. White Train - Bonus Track
14. More Than Physical - Single Version - Bonus Track
15. Scarlett - Bonus Track
16. A Trick Of The Night - Single Version - Bonus Track
17. Set On You - Bonus Track
18. Riskin' A Romance - Bonus Track

Bananarama (Remastered)


Bananarama is the second album released by British girl group, and generally considered to be their darkest, and most sombre. The group continued its association with producers Tony Swain and Steve Jolley (who had produced a couple of tracks on their debut album, Deep Sea Skiving). With this album Bananarama had its first significant U.S. success with the single "Cruel Summer", which became a top ten hit.
The group also attempted to display a more "serious artists" image, as the British press had repeatedly labeled them as talentless, frivolous and controlled by their producers. "Rough Justice", and particularly "King Of The Jungle" are songs inspired by the shooting death of their good friend Thomas "Kidso" Reilly in Belfast.

1. Cruel Summer
2. Rough Justice
3. King Of The Jungle
4. Dream Baby
5. Link
6. Hotline To Heaven
7. State I'm In
8. Robert De Niro's Waiting
9. Through A Child's Eyes
10. Cairo - Bonus Track
11. Push - Bonus Track
12. Rough Justice - 7" Mix - Bonus Track
13. Live Now - Bonus Track
14. Hotline To Heaven - 7" Mix - Bonus Track
15. The Wild Life - Bonus Track

If you are interested in the original CD version of the album click here

Deep Sea Skiving (Remastered)

1. Shy Boy
2. Doctor Love
3. What A Shambles
4. Really Saying Something
5. Cheers Then
6. Aie-A-Mwana
7. Young At Heart
8. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
9. Hey Young London
10. Boy Trouble
11. Wish You Were Here
12. Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares - Bonus Track
13. Girl About Town - Bonus Track
14. He's Got Tact - Bonus Track
15. Tell Tale Signs - Bonus Track
16. No Feelings - Bonus Track

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Pop Life (Demos)

After a successful 1988, which saw original member Siobhan Fahey leave the group and new member Jacquie O'Sullivan join, release-wise 1989 was a quiet year. In fact, the only new material released was the charity single "Help" with comedy group Lananeeneenoonoo.

The girls started work on their eagerly anticipated new album with producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Although some songs & a few demo's were recorded, ultimately the 1989 sessions fell through and Bananarama parted ways with the Hit Factory.

Two of the tracks recorded during that time made their way onto the "Pop Life" album (albeit in a remixed form) - these were "Ain't No Cure" & "Heartless". Bananarama turned to producer Youth for the then untitled album, and began work on demo recordings.

Here are five demo's from the "Pop Life" sessions, including the two from the 1989 SAW sessions. "What Colour R The Skies Where You Live" is notable, as at 6m31s it is 2 minutes longer than the completed album version.
  1. Ain't No Cure
  2. Heartless
  3. Long Train Running
  4. Outta Sight
  5. What Colour R The Skies Where You Live

A Trick Of The Night


Quite possibly one of my favourite Nana tracks ever..."A Trick of the Night" is a ballad written and produced by Steve Jolley and Tony Swain and released as the final single from Bananarama's album True Confessions.
The song was remixed slightly for its single version, adding extra synthesizer lines and vocal harmony layering. It was also given a more "upbeat" remix by the Stock Aitken Waterman (SAW) production trio, at the request of London Records.
The cautionary message in the lyrics are directed towards a friend who has gone to seek his fortune in the big city and ended up a rentboy.
The 12 inch single's B-side, "Set on You", was the first in a series of club-oriented songs recorded specifically for Bananarama's single B-sides that demonstrated the group's shift towards the club market.

Album Version
UK 7" Edit
Alternate 7" Mix
#1 Video Mix
#1 Video Edit
The Number 1 Mix
The Number 1 Dub
Tricky Mix
Set On You

Friday, 12 September 2008

Pop Life (Remastered)

1. Preacher Man
2. Long Train Runnin
3. Only Your Love
4. What Colour R The Skies Where U Live
5. Is Your Love Strong Enough
6. Tripping On Your Love
7. Ain't No Cure
8. Outta Sight
9. Megalomaniac
10. I Can't Let You Go
11. Heartless
12. Only Your Love - 7" Mix - Bonus Track
13. Preacher Man - Alternate 7" Mix - Bonus Track
14. Megalomaniac - Edit - Bonus Track
15. Tripping On Your Love - Single Mix - Bonus Track
16. What Colour R The Skies Where U Live - JJaged Mix - Bonus Track
17. Ain't No Cure - Alternate Version - Bonus Track

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tripping On Your Love

Tripping on Your Love (Album Version)
Tripping on Your Love (Single Mix)
Tripping on Your Love (Euro Trance Mix)
Tripping on Your Love (The Loveable Love Dove Caper)
Tripping on Your Love (Sturm Mix)
Tripping on Your Love (George Michael Metropolis Mix)
Tripping on Your Love (Sweet Exorcist Mix) *
Tripping on Your Love (Sweet Exorcist Dub)
Tripping on Your Love (Maurice Wicked Mix)
Tripping on Your Love (Silky Soul 70's Mix)

Friday, 6 June 2008

Rough Justice (Extended Version)

  1. Rough Justice (12" Extended Dance Version) 5:20

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones (Greatest Hits Version) 3:32
Nathan Jones (UK Greatest Hits CD Version/Psycho Edit) 3:05
Nathan Jones (Psycho Version) 6:24
Nathan Jones (Instrumental Dub Version) 3:18
Nathan Jones (7" Version) 3:21
Nathan Jones (Extended 12" Version) 5:11
Original Wow! Featuring Siobhan Version Here!

Robert De Niro's Waiting (Extended Version)

  1. Robert De Niro's Waiting (Extended Version)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Cruel Summer

Bustin' Loose!

  1. Cruel Summer (Album Version)
  2. Cruel Summer (Extended)
  3. Summer Dub
  4. Cruel Summer (Digital Mix)

State I'm In

State I'm In is the B-Side to "Hotline To Heaven". Oddly it recieved a extended version and a (Truly Awful) video so maybe it was planned as a future single?
  1. State I'm In
  2. State I'm In (Extended Version)

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bananarama - Venus (1986 Versions)


I don't think there needs to be said very much about this track, other than pure pop genuis. This track was to change Bananarama's direction in music forever. Sadly Venus only reached number 8 in the UK in May 1986. The track feared better in the USA and gained the girls a number one hit, something they still have not achieved in the UK!
  1. Venus
  2. Venus (Extended Mix)
  3. Venus (Dub)
  4. Venus (Fire & Brimstone Mix)
  5. Venus (The Hellfire Mix)
  6. Venus (The Hellfire Dub)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bananarama - Only Your Love

  1. Only Your Love (Album version)
  2. Only Your Love (7 Inch)
  3. Only Your Love (7" Remaster)
  4. Only Your Love (Milky Bar)
  5. Only Your Love (Hardcore Instrumental - Edit)
  6. Only Your Love (Youth & Thrash On The Mix - Edit)
  7. Only Your Love (Youth & Thrash On The Mix / Love Mix)

  1. Only Your Love (Monkey Drum Mooch)
  2. Only Your Love ( A Tribute To Barry Mooncult)

Bananarama - Do Not Disturb

A transitional song for Bananarama in August 1985, inbetween the 2nd Album and True Confessions came this stand alone single, it only peaked at number 31 in the UK (Even with the addition of the beautiful shaped picture discs) and it was later included on the 'True Confessions' album but Bananarama never really liked the song. 10 Months later Venus was released and Bananarama's direction changed forever.

  1. Do Not Disturb
  2. Do Not Disturb (Instrumental)
  3. Do Not Disturb (Extended Version)
  4. Do Not Disturb (Bananamix)
  5. Ghost (B-Side)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bananarama - I Heard A Rumour


I Heard A Rumour (Standard Version)
I Heard A Rumour (Horoscope Mix)
I Heard A Rumour (Dub Mix)
I Heard A Rumour (Miami Mix)
I Heard A Rumour (Miami Mix Edit)

I Heard A Rumour (House Mix)
I Heard A Rumour (Corporation of Bananarama Mix)
I Heard A Rumour (Corporation of Bananarama Mix Edit)

I Heard A Rumour (Corporation Dub)